– The PFD (Float’n) Thang in Action

Deploy as boat fender in seconds


Locate in areas where other funders can't be tied on.

Perfect for those hard to reach areas.


Resilient closed cell foam for extra protection.

Use as boat fender for added safety while docking or during tie-ups.

Remove the risk of finger or hand injuries by keeping your Boat'n Thang near by. The durable and flexible rubber provides an excellent cushion between small boats during tie-ups or when pulling into your slip. (Not recommended for heavier Boats/Sailboat over 23')

Deploy as Paddle-board seat in seconds



Paddle with ease for greater distance.

Perfect abdominal core work out while underway.


Support to lower back for core abdominal muscle training routines

Go places you never thought possible when in kayak mode.

When used as a booster seat now makes sitting on your board more comfortable. Support for your back, having your cold beverage right nearby, while paddling with ease. What more could you ask for?

Short Video Examples

The ease of coasting along. 

What an enjoyable way to paddle around and enjoy the amazing mountain views in Arizona.

– The PFD (Float’n) Thang is Made in the US!

About the PFD Float'n Thang


The Fitness, Float'n and Boat'n PFDThang™  Personal Flotation Device (PFD) - Yes this Patent Pending Multi-Use Flotation Device is Coming Soon.  Made in the USA.   "Get America Float'n Again"

Increase Your Physical Gains while Reducing Your Aches and Pains

What is it?

The Personal Flotation Device (PFD) provides both in water and out of water benefits.  Starting with its unique Aqua Cell® technology.  

  • It resists chipping and peeling unlike traditional final vinyl floats
  • Does not absorb water so it never loses buoyancy.
  • Closed-cell foam float - no inflation required!
  • Featuring Color Fusion Technology - rich color permeates entire float





3 in one usages
3 in one usage



What can it do?

  • Relieves lower back pressure while in a sitting position, by providing extra cushioned support.
  • Added to a Standup Paddleboard (SUP) - becomes an instant seat allowing SUP user to paddle with power.  Feels like a kayak and fast.
  • Applied to a motor boat and/or sailboat (22' and under) it becomes a "Temporary" bumper/fender in seconds. Deploy quicker than standard bumpers.  Still recommended having traditional bumpers to provide the best protection for your boat.  
  • Consider using with your Hobie Cat sailboat.  Stores nicely around the base of mast or on your canopy with leash attached.
  • Need that extra boost in your seat for better visibility?  Use as a booster seat.  Your back will thank you when you come across those choppy waters.   
  • When used in the water as a PFD, floating become so relaxing while comfortably reclining on your back, you might just want to take a nap.
  • Allows your legs and arms complete freedom for a range of in-water exercising.  Work your legs and arms at the same time while laying on your back. 
  • Perfect for floating on your back, keeping your body cool (vs laying on a raft in direct exposure to the sun) just below the surface of the water.  
  • Protects your back, supporting your neck, down your spine, and up through your legs. Good for enjoying a float down the stream. 
  • When used in all the above examples, be sure to have your favorite beverage at your side. 
  • Use it for Float'n, Boat'n, Sit'en , or just Chill'n!
    The Float'n Thang (SUP booster seat) adds more fun when out on the water.
    The Float'n Thang (SUP booster seat) adds more fun when out on the water.

As you know, a video is worth 1000 words.    In a nutshell, it adds great fun when used around water. 

Check out the Demo Video post. See menu on the right. 


Disclaimer:  NOT certified as a life-saving device by US Coast Guard


Flexible and resilient. Attached leash to board. Makes it easy to retrieve the board when taking a floating break.

Hands free floating

Use in pool, lake, ocean, or bay, anywhere there's water, you'll have an enjoyable day.

Booster (4 to 6" of lift)

Flexible construction allows for quick adjustment to arms for support under your legs or focus more on back support.

Booster seat in boat


Just enough of a boost to get a clear view over the windshield (for the captain and his doggy). Better support for the lower back


This Device is not certified by the USGC for life-saving purposes. Rather intended to work as a functional booster seat and flotation device, and is extremely flexible.

Recommendations when used as fender/bumper:  Use only as a temporary fender or bumper for  (smaller boats/sailboat ie "Hobie Cats"/kayaks) temporary docking or tie-ups only.   Not to replace standard boat fenders without added foam protection.  

– Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Community

Standup to Sitdown

Sitdown Paddleboarding (SDP) is Fun!

Just when you're tired of standing, now with your PFD (Float'n) Thang you can quickly use as your seat.  The horseshoe shape and flexible construction allows for easy adjustment. 

  • Store your beverage
  • Paddle with more power
  • Feels like you're on a streamlined kayak
  • Less stress on lower back vs. trying to sit in an uncomfortable position.

Exercise with Rowing

We can't wait until we can share the many photos once America starts Float'n on  The Float'n & Boat'n Thang™  Try it on a SUP

Check out videos posted on the blog.


Use the Thang to surround your back in comfort

Avoid Lower Back Pain or even CTS

Do you get that aggravating lower back pain while sitting?  Sitting in that office chair? Add the Thang to your seat in seconds and surround your lower back with support and comfort.  The U-shape and flexible construction allow for easy adjustment. 

  • Position just where you need it most
  • Support your arms
  • Help keep your hands positioned above your mouse and keyboard, to help avoid CTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Handle holders when needed.


*No guarantee to help everyone.  If you are experiencing severe back pain you should seek medical attention.