– What Good Things Can Take Place During Floating?

What Floating Can Do For You.

That's a question I'm sure we all could come up with an answering for, assuming we are not surround by a large shark.  Could it be that every human does have the same pre-birth process of growing in their mother's belly, encased in "Water", quietly surrounded by the mother's protective yoke?    

Floating at rest in warm water is proving to show outstanding results.   Seeking a Deeper Relaxation" (DR), why?  It has been determined that good DR is decreasing muscle tension, decreased blood pressure, decreased stress hormones, and increased endorphins.

Extended position training the core to stay in place

After floating, research indicates increased visual acuity, improved tactile perception, improved auditory sensitivity, and increased taste sensitivities after floating.  By FLOAT SIXTY  - benefits of floating

Floating almost comes natural.  The question is, how can one float without being on a raft or locked in some form of floating chair?   Here's a few suggestions to getting the most out of floating on your back:  1.  Do it during the right conditions; during the warm summer season with air

just chill'ntemps/water temps at 80+ but some prefer cooler temps for muscle inflammation. 2.  Start with freeing the arms, (for easy movements back and forth), and allowing your feet to relax as close to the surface as possible. 3.  Using a personal flotation device (PFD)  gives you that extra support where needed. However, most PFD's don't allow your body to lay with feet and head just above the surface, a vest for example only keeps the upper body upright.  The goal to perfect relaxation is to avoid having to work to keep floating. The less effort/concentration on balance while floating can now be directed to pleasant thoughts.

Group FloatSo,what can be used  for getting that perfect float?  The answer is a new device designed to support back floating. It is a new product known as The Float'n & Boat'n Thang™ ! It's a soft to the touch, water-proof foam design, yet still incredibly strong and firm when needed. It's extremely easy to use.   Jump in the water, adjust the device to your lower neckline, allowing the arms of the device to extend up & down your spine, up through the legs and thighs. Compress the device arm gently with your thighs and slowly lean back, to float as above. 


FullSizeRenderAlthough floating is not zero-gravity (like outer space), the density of the Float'n Thang keeps you floating just under the surface.  Due to some people's body structure (overweight), they may have to work more to stay at a floating position.   Consider a device which does not require any inflating.  A puncture causes no leaks. No straps or any complicated adjusting needed.  It comes is different colors. (Summer 2017 "Blue & Aqua Blue")

The best part of introducing floating into your lift routines, we know you will have fun trying.   Share your Deeper Relaxation" (DR) story.   Visit and post your photos on Instagram @Floatnthang or on Facebook.com/pfdthang 


Getting Everyone Floating Again  -   MADE IN USA - Patent Pending

  • Featured in WakeBoard Magazine April-July 2017  
  • Boating Magazine May - Aug 2017
  • Water Skiing Magazine  May - July 2017