– What is the FloatnThang made with?

What is closed-cell PVC foam

Aqua Cell® PVC foam technology is the secret

Made only in the USA, this exclusive formulation and custom molding process produces the world’s best quality closed-cell foam.

Aqua Cell technology sets the standard in reliability, adaptability, and attractiveness.


Aqua Cell is a durable, lightweight, closed-cell PVC foam that has extremely attractive thermal, chemical and physical properties that are viable solutions for a variety of applications.

Latex-free: Aqua-Cell foam will not cause allergic reactions to those who are affected by materials containing latex.

Not vinyl coated or Painted: Aqua-Cell color penetrates throughout the product and will not chip, flake or peel like ordinary foam products.

U.V. / Weather Resistant: Aqua-Cell products are virtually unaffected by weather, chlorinated water, and ultra-violet rays.

Sanitary: Our closed-cell foam will not allow the build-up of mold, mildew or germ carrying bacteria commonly associated with other foam materials.



The foam is a tough, lightweight, closed cell, expanded material, available in soft and rigid compressions.  Our revolutionary foam formulations resist weather aging, ultraviolet rays, salt and chlorinated water breakdown and water absorption.  Due to its zero water absorption properties, Aqua Cell foam also resists the build-up of mold, mildew, and germ-carrying bacteria.  All of these properties being important in Aviation  These all add up to a great insulation material or seat cushion component.