About the Founder

The Founder - Doug Masi

Starting with a product, thats fun, helps a wide range of individuals, unique, and has all the elements that's quickly becoming a brand of inclusion and wellness in one device. As the founder of the Float'n Thang Brand. Growing up in Southwest Florida from the age of 10, I came to love a myriad of water-related activities. And still, after all these years, that love has never waned. Things like boating, water skiing, and paddle boarding, is as exciting as ever!

Much of my fitness regimen takes place in the water. I've come to realize that hard surfaces while running or jogging, were not beneficial for the well-being of my knees and back. I had to learn the hard way, with a severe knee injury. My doctor recommended I try low-impact exercising in the pool. A water-related fitness program for rehabilitation would eventually provide great results, but I was not satisfied with the therapeutic tools available.

After testing many flotation devices from vests, to noodles, I found nothing to give me the freedom and comfort I was looking for. I wanted a device that would give me the option to float in different positions. One that would wrap around me, but without being totally surrounded, such as in a tube. I decided to design one myself, that would hug my core as well as allow my arms to rest. Then I added in those coveted beverage holders. I wanted one single flotation device that encompassed all my needs. And then, over the next several months, I created The Float’n Thang® or (Float'n and Boat'n Thang®), which undeniably provides the most comfortable and functional flotation device on the market. The Original solid Float'n Thang is now available in an inflatable version with all the things you loved about it. Plus colorful designs, more ease in transport, and at a more affordable price! And best of all, the Float'n Thang is truly an inclusive device. Many users have commented how this design has aided their loved ones who struggle with physical disabilities.

Thank you for choosing the Float'n Thang and helping to make it the #1 go-to device for your time above the waterline.

Doug Masi
Float'n Thang™

PS: Your purchase does help toward an important cause. A portion of sales goes towards orphan children's wellness and water safety at www.HisKids.Life