Largest Fitness Organization Works with New Flotation Innovation

Adaptive Sports Organization - Ability 360 of Phoenix AZ, introduces the Float'nThang to its Members

What started as an idea for helping the founder/inventor float better so to work on low impact therapy, is now helping individuals who are paralyzed from the waist down enjoy floating independently in the water.  In June 2018  Sunshine Innovations LLC, introduced their flotation device during the Day on the Lake, sponsored by Barrow Neurological Institute

From there the Float'n Thang was introduced to Ability 360 Team.  The team at Ability 360 now features the product to help their members float independently. 

Who is Ability 360?   They are Empowering People with Disabilities for Over 30 Years 1981 – Present

Ability360  advocates personal responsibility – by, and for, people with disabilities – as a means to independence.  To help consumers achieve self-sufficiency,  Ability360 offers comprehensive programs including:

• Independent Living Skills Instruction
• Information and Referral

Below is the story and video how David was the 1st to try the Float'n Thang.  His mother Michelle was so excited to share her story and how David laughed and smiled for hours.  

Great story here about David

[The story of the expo and how members are exciting for an invention that helps the disabled community. ]

Press release coming soon.  See Market Watch Press Release Here on Float'nThang attends Surf Expo

Floating bring smiles to individuals who struggle with disabilities

Adaptive Sports and Float'n Thang
Fun Flotation for Everyone