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Take a moment and check out our current innovation in flotation – The Float’n Thang. 

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Amazing Flotation Thang
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ReHab Publication Shares Info on Flotation Device for Aquatic Therapy

The Float’n Thang, a new flotation device distributed by Sunshine Innovations, offers individuals with special needs who seek aquatic therapy or just wish to play in the water the ability to float independently.

The lightweight (less than 3 lbs) product requires no inflation. Rather, it is constructed from solid closed-cell foam.

Hammock Float front left

“We now have an effective device that will allow and assist many individuals who might never have had the capability of learning how to swim, due to a disability,” says Pete Cabrera, co-owner, in a media release from Sunshine Innovations Inc. “They feel included in the fun and float just like anyone else.”   Read on here 

Largest Fitness Organization Works with New Flotation Innovation

Adaptive Sports Organization - Ability 360 of Phoenix AZ, introduces the Float'nThang to its Members

What started as an idea for helping the founder/inventor float better so to work on low impact therapy, is now helping individuals who are paralyzed from the waist down enjoy floating independently in the water.  In June 2018  Sunshine Innovations LLC, introduced their flotation device during the Day on the Lake, sponsored by Barrow Neurological Institute

From there the Float'n Thang was introduced to Ability 360 Team.  The team at Ability 360 now features the product to help their members float independently. 

Who is Ability 360?   They are Empowering People with Disabilities for Over 30 Years 1981 – Present

Ability360  advocates personal responsibility – by, and for, people with disabilities – as a means to independence.  To help consumers achieve self-sufficiency,  Ability360 offers comprehensive programs including:

• Independent Living Skills Instruction
• Information and Referral

Below is the story and video how David was the 1st to try the Float'n Thang.  His mother Michelle was so excited to share her story and how David laughed and smiled for hours.  

Great story here about David

[The story of the expo and how members are exciting for an invention that helps the disabled community. ]

Press release coming soon.  See Market Watch Press Release Here on Float'nThang attends Surf Expo

Floating bring smiles to individuals who struggle with disabilities

Adaptive Sports and Float'n Thang
Fun Flotation for Everyone

Most (PFD) Personal Flotation Device Types Only Serve a Single Purpose

New to the market are personal flotation device types that function more the just a device to float individuals.

personal flotation device typesThe Float’n Thang™ is a type of personal flotation device (currently not approved by USCG under Type IV flotation device) that is designed to function in and out of the water.  It comes with built-in beverage holders that fit most types of cans, bottles, tumblers (Yeti / RTec), as well as useful holders of personal items.  Perfect when venturing out on a paddleboard offering a place for your water bottle and other beverages of choice.

Amazing personal flotation device types that fit on most any paddleboard
Place on your Standup Paddleboard and go. The FloatnThang provides flotation, beverage holder, and acts as a booster seat.

Take for example you want to jump on your paddleboard and go venture out on the water.  In most cases with any seat accessory, you would need to fix or strap the seat to the board.  The Thang personal flotation need only rest on top.  The Float’n Thang multi-use flotation is designed to allow any standard safety leash to be attached to either arm, which then is attached to the board via the leash safety line.  Other personal flotation device types are strapped to the front of the board, making it difficult to access during an emergency.  For example:  Should the user fall off the board due to rough conditions the Float’nThang will follow the paddleboarder into the water, giving him or her instant flotation.  The other personal flotation device types are of no help to the user once he or she has fallen into the water, as it’s still attached to the front of the board.  Even getting back on the board can be difficult with flotation.

This custom designed individual flotation is made of solid closed cell foam, so the FloatnThang float never needs inflation, will never absorb water and will last for years.   Unlike other personal flotation device types, the Float’n Thang™ is also an amazing flotation for fun usages, as it allows the users to float in over 7 cool positions.

Considering getting a Thang or two and try some enjoyable floating.  Floating is proven to offer many benefits for in-water rehab and is a great stress reliever.   Be sure to check out the new website at  We also offer special deals on either or our new site.   Use this code “Sandbar” for Free shipping and a 10% discount off (non-sale items).

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personal flotation device types that functions more the just a device to float
A flotation that works for all groups of people. Added safety for children is when around water is always a priority. Always Watch Children Around Water.

About the Founder

The Founder - Doug Masi

While growing up in Isles of Capri, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I came to love all kinds of water related activities. Boating, waterskiing, and even paddleboarding, (which I was doing before it became fashionable), is currently more exciting than ever. With today’s awareness and emphasis on personal health, I’ve dabbled in all kinds of fitness routines. However, some, like running and jogging on hard surfaces, was starting to take its toll on my knees and back. When I sustained a knee injury, my doctor recommended aquatic therapy. After trying many different flotation devices, from inflatables to noodles taped together, I became frustrated with my lack of options. I was unable to find one device that could handle all of my requirements. Even floating on a raft felt like I was in a slow cooker in the sun. I knew getting under the surface of the water was the best way to stay cool in the pool. I needed an improved way to float and exercise!

Now, some 50 years later, with my in-depth knowledge and perpetual love of the water, I have developed the Float'nThang™. It’s a personal flotation and support booster chair that can allow me to float several ways, comfortably. With it’s dual beverage holders, I’m easily able to stay hydrated. Having it constructed with a closed-cell foam guarantees excellent buoyancy for a perfect float. It is so solid and sturdy, I can even use it for a temporary boat bumper. I’m proud of my invention and confident you’ll agree, the Float’nThang is by far, simply the best mutli-use flotation device on the market!

Doug Masi - Founder

Standing Display Sign


The Original

“Float’n & Boat’n Thang”

It’s simple to use, soft & comfy, yet extremely durable. 

It drys in seconds and never needs inflation,

because it's made with a solid, closed cell foam

that will never absorb water or lose buoyancy. 

An All-around FUN,   Personal Flotation Device     

Have fun with your friends and family.  Everyone, including individuals with special needs, can enjoy floating. Our friend David (pictured here), has never had the use of his legs, and yet is now floating like never before. 

Temporary Boat Bumper

Place it over the areas of the boat where a standard boat bumper might be hard to deploy at a moment's notice.  The "Float'nThang" can be positioned in seconds as a temporary bumper, until final bumpers are in place. 

Paddleboard Seat     

There are NO straps or clips. Simply place it on the board and sit, for an instant booster seat.  Any safety leash can be attached to the device in seconds. Keep an extra Float'nThang on board for holding additional personal items.

Position The Float'nThang  Multiple Ways For Personal Flotation

Choose between the popular "under-arms" float,  the "saddle" float, or the "hammock" position.  The 2-way, dual beverage holders are designed for either style of floating.

2-Way  Beverage holders

One beverage holder end is open, allowing the user to hold a beverage upright while in the "saddle" or "hammock" floating position.  When the Float'nthang is in a level position, the arms can hold items while at pool-side, on a paddleboard, or when doing the "under-arm" float. 

We're Getting Everyone Floating Again!