– Easily attach items with Rescue Tape

Using Rescue Tape for attaching items

Why not enjoy some music while on your paddle board adventure!  Here's an easy way to attach items like a bluetooth speaker and a phone, to your Float’n & Boat’n Thang™  All you'll need is some "RESCUE TAPE":   http://amzn.to/2uNyVXE   Rescue Tape creates an air-tight, waterproof seal in seconds.  This amazing tape is the perfect way to adhere items (tanning lotion, your ID...) to your device.  Be creative!

FloatnThang Personal Flotation:

FloatnThang ON AMAZON:  http://amzn.to/2f0WEy4


WEBSITE (2 package special) ONLY our ONLINE SHOP    www.FloatnThang.com

– FloatnThang and Helping Children

Eddie Johnson and Friends

We had a great time attending The Eddie Johnson (Retired NBA player and the host of SiriusXMNBARadio) and Friends event, to help benefit the Phoenix-based Helping Hands for Single Moms. Many single moms struggle to get by in the workforce, with education, child care and so much more. Helping Hands offers grants to aid moms in pursuing an education which will allow them to get a good paying career (in nursing, for example). We've had the opportunity to meet many of the moms who came from almost overwhelming struggles, to now standing on their own and supporting their children.

Eddie Johnson was also one of 7 children whose mom had to raise them on her own. Each year, "Helping Hands" hold events which attract many celebrity athletes, like Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals and more.

We're glad to see Eddie is excited to try out his #FloatnThang™ - A portion of the proceeds of each unit sold, will be able to support organizations like Helping Hands, HISKids.info and the PartnersInAction.org program. Helping children is rewarding in itself. But, seeing the joy in a child's eyes is priceless!  We are proud to give back and be a part of the bigger picture.                                                 A warning message is imprinted on the bottom of each device: "Always Watch Children Around Water".

  • The FloatnThang™ is the latest innovation in flotation. From personal flotation, to a booster seat, beverage holder, a temporary boat bumper, and more. Lots of photos under #FloatnThang - Get yours today!    July special running now on website www.FloatnThang.com.  
  • This is not your ordinary pool float. • Made in the USA #MadeInUSA • Made with the highest quality, solid closed cell foam.• It will NEVER  leak  • It will NEVER  get moldy  • It Does not absorb water • And it comes in rich blue and aqua colors. 


Eddie on (IG) at @jumpshot8
FloatnThang (IG) @floatnthang

– New flotation (floating seat) helps teen in trouble

40th Annual Parker, AZ Tube Float - Teen rescued from strong currents

We had a fabulous time during the 40th Annual Parker Tube Float Official Event Page in Parker, Arizona. while using the paddleboard (in a sitdown position) in this case was critical since conditions made standing difficult.  We were able to use the board either way since the FloatnThang was onboard.  With a rope attached to keep our big float in the middle. Having the Float'n & Boat'n Thang®  FloatnThang (short name)  makes a world of difference. It opens an entirely new world of sit-down paddle.  How exactly does it work better?   (the only seat that you can float on, hold your beverage when used in or out of the water, the only seat you can toss to someone in seconds when in trouble, and a device which gives a boost to get back out of the 

  • Takes less than 2 seconds to place the FloatnThang on any paddleboard in seconds,  no clips or lines to fuss with.
  • The device can be used as a seat in many cases allowing the user to get a boost while in a sitting position on the board.  This boost offers lower back support and engages the core for more paddling power.
  • Attached safety least to the FloatnThang to the board and secondary leash to use and FloatnThang seat.  - Fits any standard leash around the arm of the device.  
  • The FloatnThang can help the user get back on the board from a deep water entry, due to the great buoyancy of the product.  See video example how that is done.  
  • The device can hold items or beverages
  • Soft cushion feel - Will never absorb water and drys off in seconds 
  • An extra device is great to allow others to float in a group in 3 different positions (under the arms float, saddle float, and the relaxed back float which you can adjust to a complete back float.   
  • 2 Way beverage holders - provides a holder when sitting flat on the group or water to doing the saddle float 

I had enough paddling power to pull our large float out with 3 people said Doug Masi - founder of the Float'n & Boat'n Thang®. The wind was the killer. Finally, I got help from a fellow boater who allowed us to tie up to their boat.  We floated with their group for the remaining 3 miles. 


Young teenage boy struggling to stay afloat. Lifesaving moment.

I also helped a teen boy (Nick) who fell off his large tube-float without a vest, and he was immediately caught in the current.    His group's large tube-float was going in the opposite direction due to the wind.  I could see he was not making any headway trying to fight the current.  Within a few seconds, he went from 10 feet away to 30' or 40' away.  

He was about 50 yards away from me and I could see he was in trouble.  I paddled over as fast as I could. I tossed him my seat (no other paddleboard seat can do that), which was attached (via a leash), to my board, and proceeded to paddle him back to his group.  Every FloatnThang™ has an area on both arms where a standard leash can be attached.   It came in handy for making the rescue much easier than lifting him onto my board.  Without a flotation attached to my board, that would've been the only other option.

Everyone gave a big thanks to the new #FloatnThang product.   I truly believe when other paddleboard users experience having a FloatnThang™ on their boards, they'll come to realize that not only is it a comfortable and supportive seat that helps hold their beverage, but it can be utilized to help others in a life-saving moment,  just like Nick on Saturday.

We are offering our June kick-off special.  Our production units are now coming off the line and many of our pre-orders are being shipped.  It's exciting to see the creative new change in the cup holder. It is now a semi-enclosed holder, which will hold a standard water bottle, without tipping out (when the device is sitting flat) on a paddleboard or leisurely by the side of the pool.

Check out our online shop for the two package special. 

Best regards and happy float'n!

Float'n & Boat'n Thang™ Team


– Positive twist to Paddleboarding with your Pet



Easy to place on board and go.
Easy to place on a board and go.
Pets love the FloatnThang
Pets love the FloatnThang





Sunday Paddle

















How to sit down in comfort on a Paddleboard and Include your Pet.

When people attempt to do standup paddleboard (SUP), many people tend to use their knees or kneel down.  For anyone who may have knee issues, they may only stand or sit to avoid the discomfort that kneeling may cause. The FloatnThang™ gives them the option of sitting in comfort and gives a 5 to 6" boost off the board.  This opens the door for users who would prefer to otherwise sit or just sit and rest on those longer journeys. One big benefit of the #FloatnThang is it can hold beverages and other misc items. "We keep it simple," said Doug Masi, founder of the Float'n & Boat'n Thang™.  Most users would rather not have to fuss with clips and straps to adjust. Nor do they want to permanently attach stuff to their boards.  With the FloatnThang™ you just drop it on the board and off you go. Keeping it on the board is obviously based on calm conditions.  The device has a recessed area on each arm that is sized to fit a standard velcro strapped leash.  For safety, the leash is always recommended to be attached to the user.  Having a 2nd Thang on board can also be beneficial,  as in the case of helping someone who was struggling to swim.  See the story about a teen boy who was saved from almost drowning on June 10th.    Even in rough conditions, the device tends to stay in place.  As water conditions have been known to change quickly, standing at that point could be challenging. Such was the case with Matt, of Lake Pleasant, who shared how the FloatnThang™ provided a means for sitting and allowed him to paddle back to safety this past Memorial Day Holiday. 

Many new boards come with rubber cords to stretch around items, therefore, allowing a second FloatnThang™ to be secured to a board.   Having two is good for extras, as in the case of Linda with her Maltese, "Turbo".  Generally, he loves going on our board, but he tends to run all over and he likes to stand on the front of the board, which is not safe. This is the 1st time I was able to take him on the paddleboard, since the FloatnThang™ keeps him within the area right by me.  Turbo was relaxed and just loved being able to prop his two front legs on the top of the device to let everyone know he thinks he's the captain!  As you can see, he loves just hanging out within the arms of the FloatnThang™.  Linda says,"I think it makes him feel secure".   

This new product has opened an entirely new chapter for paddleboarding pleasure.  Anyone with a SUP should consider getting more than one. Everyone should have at least one for comfort, safety, and to keep water nearby.  It doesn't take long to get dehydrated in the hot sun.  

How to get one now?    Search Float'n can Boat' Thang on Amazon:  

Check out how easy it is to include a second FloatnThang™ on your board to hold beverages and misc items.  Just having the spaces built right into the device is an advantage on a SUP. Each Thang has two holders.  Almost like having a 2nd pair of hands!  One direction for holding beverages when the device is out of the water and another direction when the user is floating on the FloatnThang™ (see upright beverage holders.) 

Video posted on YouTube - How to Standup and Sitdown in Seconds on a Paddleboard.

We are taking online orders now, having  completed a market test in April and sold out of all prototype units.  See our story on Lake Havasu Boat Show within our Blog menu.   NOT to worry, we're doing the final testing of the production mold and will have units going out starting mid-June.  (6/15 update - we are now on Amazon).  Our goal was by Memorial Day, but at least we had units to sell at the show, as well as demos for retailers.

We have a two pack special online (website special) a pre-order bonus (only on our PFDThang.com or FloatnThang.com site)

Orders can be processed right on our website or on Amazon.   July 15th delivery maybe sooner / month early 6/15.  All pre-order customers will be the first to get the early online release of the product.     


We look forward to hearing about your fun FloatnThang experience.   Follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter  @FloatnThang 

– Memorial Day Weekend Paddle-board Hazard Avoided

New FloatnThang user
New FloatnThang user

IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURE – The option to sit down on a paddleboard (SUP) can be a big safety feature: Over Memorial Day weekend, a strong Sunday morning breeze kicked up and caused the lake to get small white caps. It was enough to cause an experienced SUP rider (Matt) to begin getting caught in the wave chop, which resulted in the paddleboard catching the edge and tilting over.

“Standing was very difficult in the rough conditions. And riding on my knees (which is quite uncomfortable), was not necessary this time, since I added the Float’n & Boat’n Thang™ ” said Matt of Lake Pleasant.  “It provided me the option to get into a sitting position within a few seconds.   When I first tipped over, (my daughter was not with me at the time), the FloatnThang™ provided immediate flotation and aided in boosting me back onto my board.  The lake can get rough quickly, and attempting to stand can be almost impossible with the nasty chop.  The boosting effect of the FloatnThang was perfect and I had plenty of power to paddle out of the chop. In my experience, trying to sit flat on the board (without the FloatnThang) provided no lower back support, making it harder to paddle due to the discomfort and pain in my lower back.  Thank you for offering such a great device for my paddleboard.  I would recommend anyone who uses a (SUP) Standup Paddleboard to get at least (1) one FloatnThang™”

With the FloatnThang™, you now have the ability to sit down on the device with a  5″- 6″boost, giving the SUP user the benefit of a soft cushion support,  allowing for ease of paddling through the rough chop.

We recommend keeping an extra leash to connect to the FloatnThang™,  keeping it close by for those emergencies and rough water conditions.

Product Purchase and volume discount:   Many people have asked about a multi-pack purchase.   They have found that 1 is just not enough.  They need one for a friend, at least one on hand for a boat bumper and in many cases just to have (1) nearby to hold beverages and other accessories.

Shipping is costly (due to the size of the device).  Volume helps us get the price down (shipping 4 units at once, per case, is almost the same as one). By saving us money, you save!

See new 4 pack offer coming in June.