New Innovated Flotation Device Brings Joy to Special Needs Boy

Davids Story about the Float'nThang Innovation in Flotation

A new Flotation Design, The Float’n & Boat’n Thang - ( "Float'nThang" for short), is providing new opportunities for a local single mom, Michelle, and her son David. David is 20 years old and weighs just 90 pounds. He was born with Cerebral Palsy, among several other disabilities. 

WHAT'S THE FLOAT'N THANG:   cont:  from News Release (Sunshine Innovations Multi-Use Flotation Design Helps Special Needs Boy to Show at Surf Expo 2018)

The Float’nThang is a horseshoe-shaped, solid foam product. It is designed to fit around just about any body size and shape. “We’ve received photos from heavy muscle-bound guys, using the Float’nThang to get their float on”, said Masi.  “We post many of our photos on our website. People seem to agree; it's truly an ‘Innovation ‘n Flotation’.”  The Thang is very buoyant which helps those who otherwise don't float well with other devices.  

Kick off of the FloatnThang all started at Lake Havasu (Spring 2017)  Boatshow - See Market Watch Story.

It’s simple to use, soft & comfy, and never needs inflation. It drys in seconds and is made with a solid foam that will never absorb water or lose buoyancy. Readers can view details on the Float’nThang™  Videos and Sales Page

Part of getting America floating again is starting with child safety around water.  Every Float’n Thang has the message embedded on the bottom: ‘Always Watch Children Around Water’,  encouraging adults to constantly supervise to ensure their child’s safety.  Having a device that provides excellent buoyancy is great. The fun really starts when adults have their own Float’nThang while swimming together.  This Innovation ‘n Flotation fits just about anyone. Try using two Float’nThangs for twice the fun and twice the float.  Kids love swimming and seniors love it for pool exercising.  To get more details on the Float’n & Boat’n Thang, visit

Recently, while attending a charity event, Michelle inquired about the Float'nThang. Typically, floating devices have been either too small or too large for David to use. This made it mandatory for Michelle to carrying him around in the water in order for him to engage in the same water play activities as his peers. She decided to test out the Float'nThang and said she was 'blown away by how well it supported David'! She was also amazed by the independence it provided both she and her son. “Normally we can not engage in activities like splash wars, (David’s favorite) because my hands are tied up holding David. Until now, we have never come across a flotation device that provided David the ability to stay upright and the freedom to move his arms and legs so freely. Not only did the Float'nThang change this water play activity for David, it also allowed me independence while in the pool. Though I make it a priority to supervise every moment in the water, its design supports David without the issue of him tipping forward or falling through the center, giving me greater confidence and peace of mind. One of the popular options for special needs children is a life vest. But we have found that they have a tendency to bunch up around his neckline, and he tends to slip down to where the water is almost at his chin/mouth area.  I've found the Float'nThang to be extremely buoyant, keeping him several inches higher.” (For children with special needs who require more trunk support, industrial Velcro could be used to attach to both the Float'nThang and a life vest.)


Michelle states, “Those of us who are parents of these special children know we would do anything to accommodate their needs, to ensure they don’t miss out. Sometimes, it comes at a great cost. Fun for them could mean lots of extra work for their parents. I would give anything for him. I have learned to be his legs, and his voice, as well as his advocate and caretaker. Some days these roles are more taxing than others, but today, with the help of the FloatnThang, it was just so refreshing being enabled to just be David’s water play date!”

“Although this device was not designed to benefit any specific population, watching David and Michelle exchange laughter as they engaged in water play for hours, was a heart-warming and proud accomplishment!”, said Doug Masi, founder, and inventor of The Float’n & Boat’n Thang.

We would love to provide this experience to all the courageous parents raising little hero’s. From now until May 2018 all families who purchase a Float'nThang to accommodate a person with special needs can use a coupon code DAVID that provides a $30 discount.  TRY TODAY - $30 savings on any single Float'n Thang (not on sale) * two-pack special, not included.