Short Video How To Example

More than just a floating device.

Things you find on this page.  

  • How to use the FloatnThang with safety leash attached to you and your paddleboard. Video from our YouTube Page.
  • Using the FloatnThang™ to give a boost when getting out of the water. 
  • Easy in-water leg and arm swimming.
  • The jump with the FloatnThang in place. 
  • Paddleboard Booster Seat:  An example of standing and then going to a sit-down position on a paddleboard.
  • Example showing getting off the paddleboard into the water for a nice float. 

Paddleboard and safety leashes

In-water exercising and back swimming.

Using the FloatnThang for a boost.

Popular Saddle Float

Sitting on a paddleboard with the FloatnThang

Just go for the jump in entry