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Lois (from Goodyear AZ) I found that the product works for me when I need to stretch out my back. I use it in my office chair. What took 10 + days to get back to normal is down to 3 to 4. The stretch in the pool is the best. Floating takes the pressure of gravity off the spine in seconds. Amazing relief.  

Sue (Tucson AZ) when I tried the Float'nThang, it made me feel so good to just float and hang my feet down. No tension in the back and felt like a million bucks. I almost did not give it back to my friend. I ordered the 2 pack special the next day. The Float'nThang team sent out my order the same day and it came with a really neat waterproof multicolored LED light with remote. I've never seen anything like this new device. I love this product. My pet even loves it! Can't wait for the pet feature to be added.


Never use another flotation that bearly keeps you afloat. The Float'nThang® will last for years. No need to inflate, it resists chipping and peeling. Doesn't absorb water, so it never loses buoyancy. Check out the many usages of having just one FloatnThang can do.

- Paddleboard (SUP) seat "includes beverage holder

- Soft cushion booster seat provides extra back support

- Excellent personal flotation for relaxing or exercising

- GREAT FOR USE IN ANY HOT TUB - Just give it a try and relax your stress away.

- Add waterproof LED lights for nighttime fun. Sold Separately.  

- No straps or clips, simply place on your board and go. Pets love the optional pet pad. 

- Tired of standing? No worries, just sit in seconds.

- Excellent for leg and arm exercising in your pool hot tub, or anywhere where swimming is permitted.

- Temporary Bumper: Works for many boats under 22' in length for boat (aviod sharp objects)

- No assembly necessary 

- Purchase 2 and SAVE $$


SHIPPING IN THE US IS INCLUDED WITH PRICE: Other product options avaiable at


This is made with a revolutionary closed cell foam technology. No inflation, therefore no leaks ever! Featuring Color Fusion Application - rich color permeates entire float. It will not chip, crack or fade, never absorbs water, drys in seconds, and will never get moldy. Guaranteed or your money back.

Made in the USA. No assembly required. Patent Pending

Dimensions: 24"w x 21"d x 4" to 7"h

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FloatnThang Boat Bumpers

Instant Boat Bumper "Sale" buy 2 and save!

Shipping Included. Units are boxed with 2 Blue. Sold on Amazon Prime for $99ea 

(2 Pack)$199 / $179



SAVE (2Pack)

Order Summary
FloatnThang 2 Pack

Instant Booster Seat. Relieving extra stress on your lower back. Use on beach, your chair, or place on the towel for just chill'n.


Use at night with "optional" LED Lights: Visit for LED lights - while supplies last



Provides a boost when getting back on a paddleboard or trying to exit the water.

About the founder

While growing up in Isles of Capri, on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I came to love all kinds of water related activities. Boating, waterskiing, and even paddleboarding, (which I was doing before it became fashionable), is currently more exciting than ever. With today’s awareness and emphasis on personal health, I’ve dabbled in all kinds of fitness routines. However, some, like running and jogging on hard surfaces, was starting to take its toll on my knees and back. When I sustained a knee injury, my doctor recommended aquatic therapy. After trying many different flotation devices, from inflatables to noodles taped together, I became frustrated with my lack of options. I was unable to find one device that could handle all of my requirements. Even floating on a raft felt like I was in a slow cooker in the sun. I knew getting under the surface of the water was the best way to stay cool in the pool. I needed an improved way to float and exercise!

Now, some 50 years later, with my in-depth knowledge and perpetual love of the water, I have developed the Float'nThang™. It’s a personal flotation and support booster chair that can allow me to float several ways, comfortably. With it’s dual beverage holders, I’m easily able to stay hydrated. Having it constructed with a closed-cell foam guarantees excellent buoyancy for a perfect float. It is so solid and sturdy, I can even use it for a temporary boat bumper. I’m proud of my invention and confident you’ll agree, the Float’nThang is by far, simply the best mutli-use flotation device on the market!  

Doug Masi - Founder Increase Your Gains While Reducing Your Aches and Pains!  

 Get Everyone Float'n - Made in the USA - Patent Pending Always watch children around water!  

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