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So, get your order in and be the first in the water with your personal FloatnThang™

The First Multi-Use Personal Flotation Device. The FloatnThang™. Longer name: The Fitness, Float’n & Boat’n Thang™  The FloatnThang is 24″ x 21″ x 6″, as you can see, it is not some small flotation device.

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Stay cool in your Pool this summer.

For example:  

On your paddleboard, but nowhere to place your beverage?  Every FloatnThang comes with 2 built-in beverage holders. Place on your board, on the beach, by your pool, in your boat, or float it anywhere and your beverages and extras are right there with you.

Are you tired of that backache only to get worse from sitting in your office chair?  The cushion soft properties provided that extra back support when sitting in just about any chair. Simply move in position as desired.

  • Bring it boating
  • Relax in the water (just float’n) after that wake surf or wakeboard run
  • Floating booster chair that works great on Standup Paddleboard (SUP)
  • Perfect for protecting someone using their hands to reach out to the dock, instead have the Thang in hand ready to soften the approach.
  • Type IV flotation
  • Find yourself sitting on a hard surface? Maybe during a construction project?  Place the Thang down and just adjust to comfort.  Keeps your beverage right there ready.

The videos are helpful and at times funny.  BONUS:  Get FREE, Insights, tips on additional  Usage Ideas for The Float’n Thang™.      

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We use the most advanced closed cell Technology – by Float’n Thang™    Using only the best material to make your PFD last for years.   Made In the USA.    –  The FloatnThang is 24″ x 21″ x 6″, as you can see, it is not some small flotation device.

Benefits:    •Fitness (in and out of the water)   •Back Support  •Floating Device  •Cushion Seat  •Beverage Holder  •Personal storage area  •Attach Flag Holder (for our divers)  •Light up your pool with underwater LED lighting  •Temporary boat bumper/fender  •When combined provides a stable flotation support.    Consider The Float’n Thang as the MacGyver of personal flotation.  Simple to use, without strings ropes, clips, and drys off in seconds.   Pet flotation in development.   Added options for additional features, Coming soon!

Abdominal muscles (core) fitness both on Paddleboard or at home.  When used on a SUP while in a Sitdown Paddleboard (SDP) position provides excellent paddling power while relieving pressure on the lower back, increased power when rowing/paddling.

What can it do?

  • Relieves lower back pressure while in a sitting position, by providing extra cushioned support.  Give your back that extra support, use in that office seat while working on your computer.
  • Added to a Standup Paddleboard (SUP) – becomes an instant seat allowing SUP user to paddle with power.  Feels like a kayak and fast.
  • Applied to a motorboat and/or sailboat (22′ and under) it becomes a “Temporary” bumper/fender in seconds. Deploy quicker than standard bumpers.  Still recommended having traditional bumpers to provide the best protection for your boat.
  • Consider using with your Hobie Cat sailboat.  Stores nicely around the base of the mast or on your canopy with a leash attached.
  • Need that extra boost in your seat for better visibility?  Use as a booster seat.  Your back will thank you when you come across those choppy waters.
  • When used in the water as a PFD, floating becomes so relaxing while comfortably reclining on your back, you might just want to take a nap.
  • Allows your legs and arms complete freedom for a range of in-water exercising.  Work your legs and arms at the same time while laying on your back.
  • Perfect for floating on your back, keeping your body cool (vs laying on a raft with direct exposure to the sun) just below the surface of the water.
  • Protects your back, supporting your neck, down your spine, and up through your legs. Good for enjoying a float down the stream.
  • When used in all the above examples, be sure to have your favorite beverage at your side.
  • Use it for Float’n, Boat’n, Sit’en , or just Chill’n!

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 in


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