Float’n Thang (testing by others)

Linda. S

After a long run, I enjoy relaxing in the lake.  The Float'n Thang allows me to float almost directly on my back.  It's so relaxing.  I can still move my arms and legs with ease.  Excellent way to cool the muscles down.

I also use it on my paddleboard. Perfect for arms and focusing on abdominal muscles routines.

Alley V.

I'm a lake lover.  I love to play in the water.  I like sitting on the Float'n Thang with both arms extending up, allowing me to rest both of my arms.  I also use swim fins and when using the Thang.  I can now swim on my back with ease and really move quickly through the water.  My dad uses a few on his surf boat.  It's fun to have everyone jump in the water and float together after surfing for awhile. 

Steve M.

This is the coolest floating thing on the water.  We hang at the lake every weekend during the summer.  There are several of us doing boat tie-ups,  I use 2 on my boat as fenders and the other for me in the water. Love the beverage holders.  So easy to swim around without having a bulky vest on.  The buoyancy is great.

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Amazing Flotation Thang
The only THANG like it!

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What others have to say about the FloatnThang™

I've never floated on anything like this before, I can even have my dog with me.   (Patrica - Naples Fla.)

Perfect for our Paddleboards, now we can sit and have our beverages onboard.  (Erica MissionBay, CA)

We have purchased many different devices and floats, however, the FloatnThang quality is outstanding and can be used on the beach, in our boat, and it's an all-around fun flotation with beverage holders built-in.  Love that is drys off in seconds.   Kathy (Scottsdale, AZ)

I use it in the pool for exercising my legs and arms.  The FloatnThang allows me to swim freely, both on my back and on my stomach.  (Lois  Phoenix, AZ)


This Device is not certified by the USCG for life-saving purposes. Rather intended to work as a functional booster seat, flotation device, boat fender/bumper, and extremely flexible.