Care Tips

Care Tips

Once taken out of the box, your Float'n Thang will gradually become more flexible and soft to the touch.

Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt.

Any crease marks will work themselves out over time. Placing it in the sun or a warm spot helps the device conform to its originally desired shape. The Float’nThang loves warmth and sunshine.

CAUTION:  Do not pull or force any large objects in the semi-enclosed right arm beverage holderas it could result in damage to the device. If it should tear or rip, there is an easy fix.

Simply make sure the damaged area is dry, (the device will not absorb water). Apply a small amount of superglue into and around the ripped area. Hold it together for 2 minutes and it will mend as strong as it was originally.

Note:  Keep in mind, it's still foam. The important part is, it will not absorb water or loose buoyancy even with a tear.   Its durable and will last against the elements, however, it's not a stretchy rubber band.