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    Doug Masi, the inventor of the Float’n and Boat'n Thang®, had sustained a knee injury (meniscus disks),  and his chiropractor recommended aquatic therapy. He was told he should avoid jogging because that would only make it worse.  Following the Doctor's advice, he began to search for a product that would offer great buoyancy in the water while allowing his legs and arms to move freely. At the same time, he hoped to float in a relaxed position. Floating in the pool with a pool noodle was not buoyant enough for him and he found a life vest was too bulky. By taping several noodles together, the buoyancy improved. It provided a decent saddle float.  The saddle float style allows the user to move their legs in a pedaling movement while allowing their arms the freedom needed to swim. But still not satisfied, he decided to take matters into his own hands and design a product that was not round (like a noodle) but more of a flat surface which would prevent the device from rolling away from the body.  By using a solid, closed cell foam, he found it to be an extremely high buoyancy flotation which never needed to be inflated. From that point on, his goal was to concentrate on enhancing the device with the addition of the dual beverage holders. Out of his personal needs came the creation of Float'nThang™.

  • What other colors are available?    We are currently offering Blue and Aqua.   We are considering additional colors in the near future.  

  • What is the weight of one Float'n Thang?    It is very light for its size.  Approximately 3 lbs each.
  • Can the device be used for a life-saving device?    The fact that the Float'nThang is extremely buoyant and allows for any standard safety leash to be attached, does make it a great device to have nearby.  However, it has not gone through USCG Certification yet.  
  • Does the Float'nThang require straps to be attached to a Paddleboard (SUP)?  The Thang is very stable and as long as your SUP is above water (without any major water flowing over the surface of the board) the Thang stays in place.  However, we always recommend attaching a safety leash when in rough water conditions. 
  • How can the Thang help if a paddleboarder falls off the board?   The Float'nThang will fit any standard safety leash.  Simply attach one (1) leash from the Thang, to the board.  Then attach a second (2) leash from your ankle to the same point leash one (1) attaches to the SUP.   In the event the user falls off the SUP, the Thang will follow him/her into the water, offering instant flotation.  And here's the best part!  When climbing back on your board, place your foot on the inside of the Thang (in the U of the device - like a stirrup on a horse) step down and the device will assist in boosting you back up. 


2 Thangs will float anyone

Other Recent Questions

Here is a list of our most popular asked questions.  (FAQ's)
  1. Does the product come in other colors?     At this time we only have Blue and Aqua.  However, on special orders (bulk orders) of 500 cases or more, we can do colors.  Color changes are on a per quote process at this time.  (Link to Colors to be provided here)

  2. Does the Thang come in different sizes?   No, we only offer this one size at this time.  It is on the future tasks list, however.

  3. Can the Thang be used to hold a pet or other items?   Yes, we are developing and testing our optional pad which the device can attach to.  Photo to be shown here.  See our "Sales Sheet"

  4. Can the device be used in a hot tub?  Yes, it works amazingly well and will not degrade or breakdown in hot water.

  5. What can I do if I notice a small rip or puncture?   No worries, The Thang is made of solid foam and will not absorb water.  Make sure the surface (or area) is dry and use a small amount of super glue.  Simply hold for 2 mins and it will mend to itself.  See example care flyer here.  Link to flyer coming soon. 

  6. Does the Thang come with a safety leash?   At this time we sell the only the Thang by itself.  Many people purchase only to use as personal flotation.  We will be adding those products shortly to our website.

  7.  Will the Thang get damaged if left outside in the sun?    Unlike other floats or vinyl coated sponge products, the Float'n Thang is solid PVC closed-cell foam.  It likes the heat of the sun and is resistant to direct sunlight.  It's a good idea to take care of the device and clean it with a damp cloth and place inside for long-term storage. 

  8. Can someone attach 2 Thangs together to float?   Yes, we have found that 2 sided velcro straps work well.  Simply attaching two together provides an incredible amount of buoyancy.    The users are floating like they never have before. 

  9. How best to clean the device should ink or other hard to remove marks appear?   We have found that WD40, paint thinners, or nail polish remover work well.  It is good to rinse off with fresh water after application. 

  10. The solid foam rubber construction is known to pick up a print such as newspapers, non-glossy colored print brochures, etc.  Do not let the device sit against print as it may start to fuse the print to the device's skin?   We have found that WD40, paint thinners, or nail polish remover work well should this happen.  It is good to rinse off the device with fresh water after application. 

  11. How much weight can on Float'n Thang hold? or How heavy can someone be before the next two?   We have customers over 300 to 325 who are very happy with just one float. Adding two floats for anyone from 200lbs  and up will float extremely well. Check out our double float photos.