– FloatnThang and Helping Children

Eddie Johnson and Friends

We had a great time attending The Eddie Johnson (Retired NBA player and the host of SiriusXMNBARadio) and Friends event, to help benefit the Phoenix-based Helping Hands for Single Moms. Many single moms struggle to get by in the workforce, with education, child care and so much more. Helping Hands offers grants to aid moms in pursuing an education which will allow them to get a good paying career (in nursing, for example). We've had the opportunity to meet many of the moms who came from almost overwhelming struggles, to now standing on their own and supporting their children.

Eddie Johnson was also one of 7 children whose mom had to raise them on her own. Each year, "Helping Hands" hold events which attract many celebrity athletes, like Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals and more.

We're glad to see Eddie is excited to try out his #FloatnThang™ - A portion of the proceeds of each unit sold, will be able to support organizations like Helping Hands, HISKids.info and the PartnersInAction.org program. Helping children is rewarding in itself. But, seeing the joy in a child's eyes is priceless!  We are proud to give back and be a part of the bigger picture.                                                 A warning message is imprinted on the bottom of each device: "Always Watch Children Around Water".

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Eddie on (IG) at @jumpshot8
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