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The Original

“Float’n & Boat’n Thang”

It’s simple to use, soft & comfy, yet extremely durable. 

It drys in seconds and never needs inflation,

because it's made with a solid, closed cell foam

that will never absorb water or lose buoyancy. 

An All-around FUN,   Personal Flotation Device     

Have fun with your friends and family.  Everyone, including individuals with special needs, can enjoy floating. Our friend David (pictured here), has never had the use of his legs, and yet is now floating like never before. 

Temporary Boat Bumper

Place it over the areas of the boat where a standard boat bumper might be hard to deploy at a moment's notice.  The "Float'nThang" can be positioned in seconds as a temporary bumper, until final bumpers are in place. 

Paddleboard Seat     

There are NO straps or clips. Simply place it on the board and sit, for an instant booster seat.  Any safety leash can be attached to the device in seconds. Keep an extra Float'nThang on board for holding additional personal items.

Position The Float'nThang  Multiple Ways For Personal Flotation

Choose between the popular "under-arms" float,  the "saddle" float, or the "hammock" position.  The 2-way, dual beverage holders are designed for either style of floating.

2-Way  Beverage holders

One beverage holder end is open, allowing the user to hold a beverage upright while in the "saddle" or "hammock" floating position.  When the Float'nthang is in a level position, the arms can hold items while at pool-side, on a paddleboard, or when doing the "under-arm" float. 

We're Getting Everyone Floating Again!