7 Different Ways to Float with One Thang

1. The Traditional Saddle Float

Place the device between your legs  - Great for bike pedaling, leg swim and arm movement.

2. The Hammock Float

Simply move the device upward toward your head and lean back. Great for arm movement and ease of getting around in the water.

Multiple photos to the left.

3. The Amazing Back Float

Move the device as far up to the back of user’s head (keeping your core engaged), and balance, letting the device rest against the spine, down the entire back.

4. The Fitness Front Float

As in a back float, simply change to allow the device to rest on the front side of the body, giving the user the feel of swimming and floating at the same time.

5. Standard (most common) Under the Arms Float with Thang Arms Extending Forward

Great for freeing up your arms and legs, while removing all the pressure on the lower back.  It allows the lower back to relax without the weight of gravity. This position also allows the practical use of the dual beverage holders.

6. Under the Arms Float with Thang Arms Extending Behind

This allows the user to lean forward more and rest their chin on the head/back rest. This position is also extremely beneficial for snorkeling.

7. The popular Lazy Lounge Float

Perfect for kicking up your feet and feeling so relaxed you could take a nap.  The device’s built-in headrest gives the head and neck the extra support needed for superior comfort.

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