Welcome Retailers

As the Float'n & Boat'n Thang (FloatnThang) seeks to expand their retail network, we want to make sure we get you details as soon as possible. Our retailers are helping to get everyone floating again. 

Please fill out the request form (pop-up) if you have not already done so.   This form is for brick and mortar retailers, such as listed below:  We consider the field of interest noted below, to be great for FloatnThang product sales or temporary rentals. Refresh this page to bring the form back up if needed.

Locations where usages would be ideal.

  • Water-Sports and Outdoor Activites:
  • Marinas
  • Camping supplies 
  • Paddleboard Rental Locations
  • Resort poolside usages
  • Resort locations near (Lakes/Oceans/Gulf/Beaches)
  • Boat and Sailboat Dealers
  • Boat and JetSki Rentals
  • Pool supply businesses

If you are not listed here, please feel free to fill out the form anyway.  The benefits of the FloatnThang can be seen out of the water for additional fitness use and personal usages, such as lounging and/or laying down in comfort on the beach, camping, poolside, in the home on just about any flat surface.