The PFD “Float’n Thang” – Coming in 2017

Welcome to the Personal Fitness Float'n and Boat'n Thang "FloatnThang" for short

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FloatnThang BannerWe are going to reveal the first ever Multi-Use Personal Flotation Device.   The Float'nThang™. Longer name:  The Personal Fitness, Float'n and Boat'n Thang

3 in one usages
3+ different functions - Float'n Thang (v3) [24" x 21" in width]

Why the name?   During testing over the past 18 months, we notice that friends would ask, "Where's that floating thing."  or,  "Can I try The Thang?" "Get me that Float'n Thang!"

The name just caught on.   Opinions have been high for comfort, ease of understanding the multiple uses,  great for fitness of upper body muscle groups along with cardio.  Of course, we can't forget yoga!  Now, new YOGA routines can be added. Do them while on your SUP, or right at home.

Personal Fitness, Float'n and Boat'n Thang
Personal Fitness, Float'n and Boat'n Thang (test v1)
  • Use for floating in your pool, lake, ocean; anywhere there's water.   Of course, be sure to check out the great exercises you can incorporate with this Fitness Thang
  • Boat Fender/Bumper - Excellent for usage on 12 -21 boats or small sailboats.  For the boaters who can't seem to get their fenders out quick enough, smacks into the dock, only to find that scuff or scratch later on their boat; nothing more aggravates the boat owner/captain then finding one more scratch or nasty stuff on his boat.  Now with The Personal Fitness, Float'n and Boat'n Thang™, it can be deployed in under 2 seconds.
  • Personal Flotation - Quick and straightforward!  Just jump in and you're off.  The best PFD you will ever use.  Don't forget to bring your favorite beverage. Because of the flexible construction, The Thang can be used in several different positions.     If you need to throw it to someone in an emergency (make sure the leash attached or a rope of some sort) the device is not yet rated as a type IV throwable device; however, the buoyancy will keep a conscious person above the water.  Most cases " floating higher" (the level to which someone floats just below their neckline in the water) then someone in a vest, life ring, or Type IV floating cushion.
  • Stand Up Paddleboard - SUP:  Are you currently an active Paddleboard (SUP) user?   If not, consider giving it a try?     Your enjoyment level just increased!   Revolutionize the SUP into SDP (Sitdown Paddleboard).   Longer Distance with increased comfort.   Store personals wet/dry.  Cold Beverage holders. Now rest and still paddle, but with one big advantage!  More paddling power with less effort.

Benefits:    •Fitness (in and out of the water)   •Back Support  •Floating Device  •Cushion Seat  •Beverage Holder  •Personal storage area  •Attach Flag Holder (for our divers)  •Light up your pool with underwater LED lighting  •Temporay boat bumper/fender  •When combined provides a stable flotation support.    Consider The Float'n Thang as the MacGyver of personal flotation.  Simple to use, without strings ropes, clips, and drys off in seconds.   Pet flotation in development.   Added options for additional features, Coming soon!

Abdominal muscles (core) fitness both on Paddleboard or at home.  When used on a SUP while in a Sitdown Paddleboard (SDP) position provides excellent paddling power while relieving pressure on lower back, increased power when rowing/paddling.  See video example: 

Increase Your Physical Gains while Reducing Your Aches and Pains

Lower back aches and pains get you from time to time?  By providing a safe way to alleviate that extra pressure on the lower back.  In our example, the Standup Paddleboard SUP user can have a better experience while in a sitting position and still maintain paddling power.   

The Float'n Thang (SUP booster seat) adds more fun when out on the water.
The Float'n Thang (SUP booster seat) adds more fun when out on the water.

Removal is easy.  No straps, clips, or other things to make it difficult when already floating on your board.  Floating in the water off your paddleboard is now easy, while comfortably knowing that you're connected to your paddleboard through the leash.  Any standard 14" leash collar should attach with no problems.

The Personal Float'n and Boat'n Thang
The Personal Float'n and Boat'n Thang (v2)


The videos are helpful and at times funny.  BONUS:  FREE, Insights and Tips from others on Additional Applications and Usage Ideas for The Fitness Float'n N Boat'n Thang™.    Our target date for sale is Spring 2017 - May (early release in April)

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Working core abdominal muscles
Working core abdominal muscles, while paddling at the same time.

Enjoy how the PFD Thang can help you with your fitness on the go. Turn your standup paddleboard (SUP) into a sit-down paddleboard (SDP) at any moment. 

fullsizerenderJust add 1 FloatnThang and 1 beverage

Personal Flotation

You can jump in your pool and try the position(s) yourself.  img_2507



Here we are going to show just how the PFDThang can assist our boating Captains with boat fender protection.

  • Deploy in seconds 
  • Will not scratch boat
  • No ropes needed

We are also going to show how the PFDThang (Float'nThang) can be used as a booster seat. 

  • Provides that extra back support
  • Gives that extra boost for clear visibility over the windshield when needed.
  • Offers space to place essential items to grab quickly, (i.e.,) spotlight, cell phone, etc.
  • Need a place to put your beverage. 





We still recommend having a good set of safety bumpers.  Strong rubber between your boat and something is always a good thing.

Standup Paddleboard - SUP

Here you will find examples of how the PFDThang will function as a flotation device attached to the SUP, while using the board in a standing mode.

PFD Thang helps make parking easy
PFD Thang helps make parking easy
Paddling to self-floating
Paddling to self-floating

The PFDThang Options

The creative add-ons can make the PFDThang become much more than a seat or personal flotation device. 

The Personal Float'n and Boat'n Thang
The Personal Float'n and Boat'n Thang

Surf Shack - Shows off the Float'n Thang