– How to use your PFD Thang – VIDEO EXAMPLES

VIDEO DEMO while on the Paddleboard (SUP)

Simply the easiest way to enjoy your Standup Paddleboard (SUP).

Go from standing to a comfortable sitting position in a few seconds.   While in the sitting position you immediately increase paddling power.  

Don't forget to bring your favorite beverage.

VIDEO - Using as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

The video shows it all.  Try it, you will love the buoyancy of this type of in-water flotation.

Floating with a vest (also invert vest) or other PFD's tends to be bulky and not as buoyant.

Within seconds you're in the water floating comfortably on your back with arms and legs free.  The Thang even makes it easier to get back on the paddleboard.

This Device is not to be considered for life-saving purposes. Rather intended to work as a functional booster seat, floatation device, boat fender/bumper, and is considerably flexible.