– The PFD (Float’n) Thang in Action

Deploy as boat fender in seconds


Locate in areas where other funders can't be tied on.

Perfect for those hard to reach areas.


Resilient closed cell foam for extra protection.

Use as boat fender for added safety while docking or during tie-ups.

Remove the risk of finger or hand injuries by keeping your Boat'n Thang near by. The durable and flexible rubber provides an excellent cushion between small boats during tie-ups or when pulling into your slip. (Not recommended for heavier Boats/Sailboat over 23')

Deploy as Paddle-board seat in seconds



Paddle with ease for greater distance.

Perfect abdominal core work out while underway.


Support to lower back for core abdominal muscle training routines

Go places you never thought possible when in kayak mode.

When used as a booster seat now makes sitting on your board more comfortable. Support for your back, having your cold beverage right nearby, while paddling with ease. What more could you ask for?

Short Video Examples

The ease of coasting along. 

What an enjoyable way to paddle around and enjoy the amazing mountain views in Arizona.