– Memorial Day Weekend Paddle-board Hazard Avoided

New FloatnThang user
New FloatnThang user

IMPORTANT SAFETY FEATURE – The option to sit down on a paddleboard (SUP) can be a big safety feature: Over Memorial Day weekend, a strong Sunday morning breeze kicked up and caused the lake to get small white caps. It was enough to cause an experienced SUP rider (Matt) to begin getting caught in the wave chop, which resulted in the paddleboard catching the edge and tilting over.

“Standing was very difficult in the rough conditions. And riding on my knees (which is quite uncomfortable), was not necessary this time, since I added the Float’n & Boat’n Thang™ ” said Matt of Lake Pleasant.  “It provided me the option to get into a sitting position within a few seconds.   When I first tipped over, (my daughter was not with me at the time), the FloatnThang™ provided immediate flotation and aided in boosting me back onto my board.  The lake can get rough quickly, and attempting to stand can be almost impossible with the nasty chop.  The boosting effect of the FloatnThang was perfect and I had plenty of power to paddle out of the chop. In my experience, trying to sit flat on the board (without the FloatnThang) provided no lower back support, making it harder to paddle due to the discomfort and pain in my lower back.  Thank you for offering such a great device for my paddleboard.  I would recommend anyone who uses a (SUP) Standup Paddleboard to get at least (1) one FloatnThang™”

With the FloatnThang™, you now have the ability to sit down on the device with a  5″- 6″boost, giving the SUP user the benefit of a soft cushion support,  allowing for ease of paddling through the rough chop.

We recommend keeping an extra leash to connect to the FloatnThang™,  keeping it close by for those emergencies and rough water conditions.

Product Purchase and volume discount:   Many people have asked about a multi-pack purchase.   They have found that 1 is just not enough.  They need one for a friend, at least one on hand for a boat bumper and in many cases just to have (1) nearby to hold beverages and other accessories.

Shipping is costly (due to the size of the device).  Volume helps us get the price down (shipping 4 units at once, per case, is almost the same as one). By saving us money, you save!

See new 4 pack offer coming in June.


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