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Standup to Sitdown

Sitdown Paddleboarding (SDP) is Fun!

Just when you're tired of standing, now with your PFD (Float'n) Thang you can quickly use as your seat.  The horseshoe shape and flexible construction allows for easy adjustment. 

  • Store your beverage
  • Paddle with more power
  • Feels like you're on a streamlined kayak
  • Less stress on lower back vs. trying to sit in an uncomfortable position.

Exercise with Rowing

We can't wait until we can share the many photos once America starts Float'n on  The Float'n & Boat'n Thang™  Try it on a SUP

Check out videos posted on the blog.


Use the Thang to surround your back in comfort

Avoid Lower Back Pain or even CTS

Do you get that aggravating lower back pain while sitting?  Sitting in that office chair? Add the Thang to your seat in seconds and surround your lower back with support and comfort.  The U-shape and flexible construction allow for easy adjustment. 

  • Position just where you need it most
  • Support your arms
  • Help keep your hands positioned above your mouse and keyboard, to help avoid CTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Handle holders when needed.


*No guarantee to help everyone.  If you are experiencing severe back pain you should seek medical attention.

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  1. A few videos have been posted. Showing just how easy it is to paddle and the increased speed is fun exercise .

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