– New flotation (floating seat) helps teen in trouble

40th Annual Parker, AZ Tube Float - Teen rescued from strong currents

We had a fabulous time during the 40th Annual Parker Tube Float Official Event Page in Parker, Arizona. while using the paddleboard (in a sitdown position) in this case was critical since conditions made standing difficult.  We were able to use the board either way since the FloatnThang was onboard.  With a rope attached to keep our big float in the middle. Having the Float'n & Boat'n Thang®  FloatnThang (short name)  makes a world of difference. It opens an entirely new world of sit-down paddle.  How exactly does it work better?   (the only seat that you can float on, hold your beverage when used in or out of the water, the only seat you can toss to someone in seconds when in trouble, and a device which gives a boost to get back out of the 

  • Takes less than 2 seconds to place the FloatnThang on any paddleboard in seconds,  no clips or lines to fuss with.
  • The device can be used as a seat in many cases allowing the user to get a boost while in a sitting position on the board.  This boost offers lower back support and engages the core for more paddling power.
  • Attached safety least to the FloatnThang to the board and secondary leash to use and FloatnThang seat.  - Fits any standard leash around the arm of the device.  
  • The FloatnThang can help the user get back on the board from a deep water entry, due to the great buoyancy of the product.  See video example how that is done.  
  • The device can hold items or beverages
  • Soft cushion feel - Will never absorb water and drys off in seconds 
  • An extra device is great to allow others to float in a group in 3 different positions (under the arms float, saddle float, and the relaxed back float which you can adjust to a complete back float.   
  • 2 Way beverage holders - provides a holder when sitting flat on the group or water to doing the saddle float 

I had enough paddling power to pull our large float out with 3 people said Doug Masi - founder of the Float'n & Boat'n Thang®. The wind was the killer. Finally, I got help from a fellow boater who allowed us to tie up to their boat.  We floated with their group for the remaining 3 miles. 


Young teenage boy struggling to stay afloat. Lifesaving moment.

I also helped a teen boy (Nick) who fell off his large tube-float without a vest, and he was immediately caught in the current.    His group's large tube-float was going in the opposite direction due to the wind.  I could see he was not making any headway trying to fight the current.  Within a few seconds, he went from 10 feet away to 30' or 40' away.  

He was about 50 yards away from me and I could see he was in trouble.  I paddled over as fast as I could. I tossed him my seat (no other paddleboard seat can do that), which was attached (via a leash), to my board, and proceeded to paddle him back to his group.  Every FloatnThang™ has an area on both arms where a standard leash can be attached.   It came in handy for making the rescue much easier than lifting him onto my board.  Without a flotation attached to my board, that would've been the only other option.

Everyone gave a big thanks to the new #FloatnThang product.   I truly believe when other paddleboard users experience having a FloatnThang™ on their boards, they'll come to realize that not only is it a comfortable and supportive seat that helps hold their beverage, but it can be utilized to help others in a life-saving moment,  just like Nick on Saturday.

We are offering our June kick-off special.  Our production units are now coming off the line and many of our pre-orders are being shipped.  It's exciting to see the creative new change in the cup holder. It is now a semi-enclosed holder, which will hold a standard water bottle, without tipping out (when the device is sitting flat) on a paddleboard or leisurely by the side of the pool.

Check out our online shop for the two package special. 

Best regards and happy float'n!

Float'n & Boat'n Thang™ Team


– Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Community

Standup to Sitdown

Sitdown Paddleboarding (SDP) is Fun!

Just when you're tired of standing, now with your PFD (Float'n) Thang you can quickly use as your seat.  The horseshoe shape and flexible construction allows for easy adjustment. 

  • Store your beverage
  • Paddle with more power
  • Feels like you're on a streamlined kayak
  • Less stress on lower back vs. trying to sit in an uncomfortable position.

Exercise with Rowing

We can't wait until we can share the many photos once America starts Float'n on  The Float'n & Boat'n Thang™  Try it on a SUP

Check out videos posted on the blog.


Use the Thang to surround your back in comfort

Avoid Lower Back Pain or even CTS

Do you get that aggravating lower back pain while sitting?  Sitting in that office chair? Add the Thang to your seat in seconds and surround your lower back with support and comfort.  The U-shape and flexible construction allow for easy adjustment. 

  • Position just where you need it most
  • Support your arms
  • Help keep your hands positioned above your mouse and keyboard, to help avoid CTS - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Handle holders when needed.


*No guarantee to help everyone.  If you are experiencing severe back pain you should seek medical attention.