FloatnThang™ Spring Kickoff at Lake Havasu Boatshow 2017

The Public just Loved the FloatnThang™

We kicked off the day on Saturday, with only 1/2 our inventory.  Knowing the other 1/2 was in route to be delivered by Friday, which got pushed to Saturday.  By 1:30 pm,  we received our Aqua Floatnthangs, just in time for the rush. By 4PM we sold out both our Blue and Aqua units!

At the Lake Havasu Boatshow, customers were especially impressed by the fact that the FloatnThang does not have to be inflated and doesn’t absorb water, allowing it to dry very quickly. Unlike many other flotation devices, it won’t leak water once it is brought onto the boat, car, or in the house. In addition, the material is lightweight (under 2 pounds), and it is very buoyant. It won’t chip or peel, and offers cushioned back support. As an added bonus, the FloatnThang™ is equipped with insets at the bottom that allow users to add LED lights to the cup holders for convenient nighttime use. It is even known to help reduce back pain by offering an ergonomic and comfortable way to float on the water.  People loved the fact that they could hold a beverage (not just one but two), while using a paddleboard, use it as a seat,  or just place it on the beach (or ground) to hold that cold beverage! 

When they understood the savings that 2 FloatnThangs could provide, the price was justified and several people purchased 2 and 4 at a time.

Doug Masi (Founder/Inventor) would simply review with many boat owners, the benefits and savings.

"For example,   A boat fender (standard white) would run $40 to $60,  + a boat booster seat $80 and up + a seat for your paddleboard could run $100 or more!  And floating would be virtually impossible with those other items on the market. An extra one would be advantageous, as they can become a small personal flotation bar for that bottle of sparkling wine.  Oh yeah, don't forget, each one comes with 2 beverage holders, which work in 2 different floating positions." 

“We had an unbelievable first day of sales. We had people hovering around our booth. We were really excited to kick off the boating season by giving people a better way to relax on the water … We’re happy to be ‘Getting Everyone Float’n Again!’” said Doug Masi, Inventor of the FloatnThang.

Recent Events: 2017

April 27th:  Selected to be 1 of 3 chosen out of the top 24 inventions to present on Fox 5 Morning Show.

May 12th & 13th:  Wake Surfing Competition Event - Lake Pleasant, AZ 

Ad promotions: May-July "Wakeboarding magazine," Spring Edition of Wake Surfing magazine, 

The FloatnThang™ is available for order online, and it will soon be available at various retail locations. For details, visit the company’s website at www.FloatnThang.com, or text the message (word) "Floating" or "TheThang™" to the number 44222 from any mobile device.

Each device sold will provide funds to assist children and orphans in great need: HISKids project with PartnersInAction.org

View video how the Float'n Thang helps those who struggle with disabilities float independently  Visit www.HISKids.Life 


Available online.  Retail & Distributors options are available. 

Lets get the word out and "Get Everyone Float'n"


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