Most (PFD) Personal Flotation Device Types Only Serve a Single Purpose

New to the market are personal flotation device types that function more the just a device to float individuals.

personal flotation device typesThe Float’n Thang™ is a type of personal flotation device (currently not approved by USCG under Type IV flotation device) that is designed to function in and out of the water.  It comes with built-in beverage holders that fit most types of cans, bottles, tumblers (Yeti / RTec), as well as useful holders of personal items.  Perfect when venturing out on a paddleboard offering a place for your water bottle and other beverages of choice.

Amazing personal flotation device types that fit on most any paddleboard
Place on your Standup Paddleboard and go. The FloatnThang provides flotation, beverage holder, and acts as a booster seat.

Take for example you want to jump on your paddleboard and go venture out on the water.  In most cases with any seat accessory, you would need to fix or strap the seat to the board.  The Thang personal flotation need only rest on top.  The Float’n Thang multi-use flotation is designed to allow any standard safety leash to be attached to either arm, which then is attached to the board via the leash safety line.  Other personal flotation device types are strapped to the front of the board, making it difficult to access during an emergency.  For example:  Should the user fall off the board due to rough conditions the Float’nThang will follow the paddleboarder into the water, giving him or her instant flotation.  The other personal flotation device types are of no help to the user once he or she has fallen into the water, as it’s still attached to the front of the board.  Even getting back on the board can be difficult with flotation.

This custom designed individual flotation is made of solid closed cell foam, so the FloatnThang float never needs inflation, will never absorb water and will last for years.   Unlike other personal flotation device types, the Float’n Thang™ is also an amazing flotation for fun usages, as it allows the users to float in over 7 cool positions.

Considering getting a Thang or two and try some enjoyable floating.  Floating is proven to offer many benefits for in-water rehab and is a great stress reliever.   Be sure to check out the new website at  We also offer special deals on either or our new site.   Use this code “Sandbar” for Free shipping and a 10% discount off (non-sale items).

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personal flotation device types that functions more the just a device to float
A flotation that works for all groups of people. Added safety for children is when around water is always a priority. Always Watch Children Around Water.

– The Float’n & Boat’n Thang™ gets featured on Fox 5 morning show

Fox 5 News San Diego

San Diego, CA – Thursday, April 27th

Chosen to be part of Inventors Corner
Chosen to be part of Inventors Corner

When Doug Masi, the inventor of "The FloatnThang™", (short name), received an email regarding entering his new invention into the Response Expo held in San Diego, CA, he immediately submitted the details on his brand new invention that has never been on the market before. That was one of the main requirements to be considered for the event. Within a few days, he received confirmation that the Float’n & Boat’n Thang™ was accepted into the UIA (United Inventors Association) pavilion! The pavilion featured over 24 new inventions.

On Wednesday, the inventors were judged and questioned about their inventions. Only 3 winners would be selected to go on live TV (Fox 5 morning show) to present their invention to all the viewers. The Amazing  FloatnThang took one of those honors! Each inventor was given the opportunity to pitch the audience.   “We were told we would have about 30 seconds, which was not that easy”, said Doug Masi. They were tracked by a live timer.  Raoul Martinez (Fox 5 anchor) was very humorous and commented how he loved the name. He pronounced it perfectly!

Floatnthang presented in 30 second
Floatnthang™ presented in 30 seconds

The FloatnThang makes it easy for users to relax in the water while sitting upright, or floating completely on your back. Equipped with two convenient cup holders, the device can also be used on a paddleboard as a seat and offers a place to hold your beverages. It can also be used as a booster seat in a boat or used as a temporary boat bumper when docking or tying up with other boats. The FloatnThang can be used while paddle-boarding, kayaking, boating, and swimming at the lake or pool. The comfortable cushioned backrest and dual cup holders make it convenient for poolside or beach use.   One of my favorite features is having 2 beverage holders for any location including the poolside lounge chairs, particularly when there is no table nearby.   

The buzz regarding the FloatnThang™ started in early April at the Lake Havasu, AZ boat show.

Our 50 units sold out in under 3 hours. Many customers after understanding the benefits purchase 2 and 4 units at a time. The customers were especially

1st Boatshow event
1st Boatshow event

impressed by the fact that the FloatnThang does not have to be inflated and does not absorb water, allowing it to dry very quickly. Even in high temperatures, it stays cool to the touch!

Check out the special online for the FloatnThang official release mid-May 2017 – Website or    Text the word Floating to 44222 to receive online coupon code for $25 off.

Wholesales available: Contact / D&M Management LLC - 480-331-5741

Retailers visit:   Wait for the pop-up form

FloatnThang goes to San Diego
FloatnThang goes to San Diego



– The PFD (Float’n) Thang is Made in the US!

About the PFD Float'n Thang


The Fitness, Float'n and Boat'n PFDThang™  Personal Flotation Device (PFD) - Yes this Patent Pending Multi-Use Flotation Device is Coming Soon.  Made in the USA.   "Get America Float'n Again"

Increase Your Physical Gains while Reducing Your Aches and Pains

What is it?

The Personal Flotation Device (PFD) provides both in water and out of water benefits.  Starting with its unique Aqua Cell® technology.  

  • It resists chipping and peeling unlike traditional final vinyl floats
  • Does not absorb water so it never loses buoyancy.
  • Closed-cell foam float - no inflation required!
  • Featuring Color Fusion Technology - rich color permeates entire float





3 in one usages
3 in one usage



What can it do?

  • Relieves lower back pressure while in a sitting position, by providing extra cushioned support.
  • Added to a Standup Paddleboard (SUP) - becomes an instant seat allowing SUP user to paddle with power.  Feels like a kayak and fast.
  • Applied to a motor boat and/or sailboat (22' and under) it becomes a "Temporary" bumper/fender in seconds. Deploy quicker than standard bumpers.  Still recommended having traditional bumpers to provide the best protection for your boat.  
  • Consider using with your Hobie Cat sailboat.  Stores nicely around the base of mast or on your canopy with leash attached.
  • Need that extra boost in your seat for better visibility?  Use as a booster seat.  Your back will thank you when you come across those choppy waters.   
  • When used in the water as a PFD, floating become so relaxing while comfortably reclining on your back, you might just want to take a nap.
  • Allows your legs and arms complete freedom for a range of in-water exercising.  Work your legs and arms at the same time while laying on your back. 
  • Perfect for floating on your back, keeping your body cool (vs laying on a raft in direct exposure to the sun) just below the surface of the water.  
  • Protects your back, supporting your neck, down your spine, and up through your legs. Good for enjoying a float down the stream. 
  • When used in all the above examples, be sure to have your favorite beverage at your side. 
  • Use it for Float'n, Boat'n, Sit'en , or just Chill'n!
    The Float'n Thang (SUP booster seat) adds more fun when out on the water.
    The Float'n Thang (SUP booster seat) adds more fun when out on the water.

As you know, a video is worth 1000 words.    In a nutshell, it adds great fun when used around water. 

Check out the Demo Video post. See menu on the right. 


Disclaimer:  NOT certified as a life-saving device by US Coast Guard


Flexible and resilient. Attached leash to board. Makes it easy to retrieve the board when taking a floating break.

Hands free floating

Use in pool, lake, ocean, or bay, anywhere there's water, you'll have an enjoyable day.

Booster (4 to 6" of lift)

Flexible construction allows for quick adjustment to arms for support under your legs or focus more on back support.

Booster seat in boat


Just enough of a boost to get a clear view over the windshield (for the captain and his doggy). Better support for the lower back


This Device is not certified by the USGC for life-saving purposes. Rather intended to work as a functional booster seat and flotation device, and is extremely flexible.

Recommendations when used as fender/bumper:  Use only as a temporary fender or bumper for  (smaller boats/sailboat ie "Hobie Cats"/kayaks) temporary docking or tie-ups only.   Not to replace standard boat fenders without added foam protection.